family-photoAbout Sam


Hello! My name is Sam Davie. I am a wife and a mother of three. Eleven years ago, my husband & I moved back to the town where I grew up.

As I decorated our new home, I realized my taste in interior design had changed. I started selling furniture  that I knew I no longer had any use for, and replacing it with perfect secondhand pieces that I spotted online or at estate sales. I found I really enjoyed trading my old treasures for new ones!

Many of my friends and neighbors admired my efforts and said they’d love to do the same, but just didn’t have the time. Meanwhile, I often met talented people at estate sales who could look at a piece of furniture and realize, “with a fresh coat of paint or new handles, that piece could be a new treasure!”

I realized I would LOVE to bring those two groups together, and that’s how my company, Trading Treasures, came to life!